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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Sex Guide - Pleasures of a Blow Job

A Sex Guide - Pleasures of a Blow Job, Marguerite de Lyon, 2015 (audiobook)

This is a fiction/non-fiction audiobook all about fellatio, the art of sexually stimulating a man's penis with a woman's mouth (i.e., blowjobs).

Tammy is a college freshman, and, like all of the other women in her English class, she is infatuated with Marcus, the handsome Graduate teaching assistant. After class one day, Marcus invites Tammy to his dorm room for some "private studying." With the door closed, Marcus teaches her how to stimulate a man's penis, starting with the basics. Tammy is a very willing student. Over a couple of weeks, she learns all about the art of fellatio, in great detail.

The non-fiction part starts with the anatomy of the male penis. The author looks at the very reasonable hangups a woman may have, like dealing with his taste in your mouth, swallowing or how to get around the gag reflex. Then it's all put together in Advanced Fellatio. Take your time; this is not a race. If a certain position or technique will not work, or is painful for you, go right ahead and adjust it any way you want. If he doesn't tell you what he likes, or does not like, be sure and ask. If all of him will not fit in your mouth, don't worry about it. The pleasure part is much more important than doing it the "right" way.

Obviously, this book is very much Adults Only. For couples who want to put some lightning (not just a spark) in their relationship, this is the book. For women who want to give their man some out-of-this-world sex, and keep him coming back for more, this is the book. It is very graphic, and very much recommended.