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Saturday, December 19, 2020

How to Sell on Amazon.com

 How to Sell on Amazon.com: Complete Guide for Selling on Amazon.com, Aleksejs Leal, 2020

This book attempts to explain how anyone can sell on Amazon.com.

Why do people buy online, instead of in person? Among the reasons are: a more extensive choice of items, lower prices and convenience/availability (open 24 hours a day). Why do people sell online? Among the reasons are versatility, higher profit margins and being able to gain insight into the shopper. The book talks about dropshipping vs. customary order fulfillment vs. outsourcing.

Among the good parts of selling on Amazon are sales (of course), customer acquisition and Amazon's worldwide influence. Among the bad parts of selling on Amazon are lots of competition for your product, having to follow Amazon's rules once you sign up and Amazon's fee structure (learn it ahead of time).

The book goes through the process of setting up an Amazon seller account and what documentation is needed first. After you have set up your account, the author also explores how to add your product. Included are things that must be considered, like customs, shipping and Amazon's fees when calculating your selling price. Once your "business" is up and running, the book includes tips on turning from an average seller to a successful seller.

This book is pretty good. It is brief, less than 70 pages, so it is a good place to start your quest to become rich selling on Amazon.com. On the negative side, this book could use a trip, or another trip, to a proofreader or a copy editor.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

20 Japanese Short Stories for Travelers and Learners

 20 Japanese Short Stories for Travelers and Learners, Yokohama English Japanese Language and Travelers Club, 2020

Intended for students of the Japanese language, this book contains short stories written in Kanji, Hiragana and Furigana (different types of Japanese writing). There is also a line-by-line translation of each story into English, so that a student can compare the English and Japanese words.

This book is not intended for beginners; some familiarity with the Japanese language is needed, This is my first exposure to learning Japanese, so others are qualified to assess this book's effectiveness. This feels like the right way to do it, with the Japanese and English words right next to each other. For intermediate students of Japanese, this is very much worth checking out.