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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Set You Free

Set You Free: Love, Lies and The Secrets That Bind, Elmer Seward, 2015, Bay Rivers Publishing

It's a rainy night in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland. Blake is driving along, and he nearly hits Deena, and her young daughter, Kat, who are walking on the side of the road. It takes some convincing, but Blake drives them to Mama Jo, an older woman who is happy to put them up for the night.

Deena reluctantly agrees to stick around for a while, instead of heading to the bus station in Baltimore. Blake volunteers to help fix up the old cottage that Deena has rented. Deena reveals nothing about herself. A person would need a jackhammer to break through the emotional wall that Deena has built between herself and the rest of the world.

A man named Fry, and a couple of his "goons" are in the area, looking for Deena. He is the sort of person who does not take "no" for an answer. He also has no problem in killing anyone who gets in his way. Blake does not tell Deena, but sleeps in his car for a couple of days, outside Deena's cottage, watching for Fry.

Does Fry find Deena? Is he a vindictive ex-husband? Is Deena able to loosen up around Blake, even a little bit?

This is a really good story of emotional chains (not just on Deena's part), which can be just as strong as physical chains. There is also a bit of romance included. Read it; you'll be glad you did.