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Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Rock of Achill

 The Rock of Achill, Jim Sheehan, Newman Springs Publishing Inc., 2020

Set in Ireland during the time of Napoleon (around 1800), this is the story of a young man named Donn. Intending to save enough money to recover his family's land, Donn joins a crew of rebels and Irish knights as they attempt to restore an ancient kingdom. It involves recovering the lost treasure of Tuatha de Danaan.

Donn has all sorts of adventures in his travels. He battles faerie guardians and Barbary pirates. There are giant sea creatures that can sink a ship very easily, and brawls in foreign ports that quickly turn deadly. Uppermost in Donn's mind is the lovely Bridget, waiting for him back home. Or, will she wait? Her parents are pushing her to marry someone more "acceptable." Does Donn survive the voyage? Do Donn and Bridget live happily ever after?

This is a half-fantasy/half-historical novel, and the author does an excellent job. The reader is right in the middle of the story, with enough romance and action for anyone. Here is some Really Good Writing.