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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tao-Girls Rule

Tao-Girls Rule! Finding Balance, Staying Confident, Being Bold in a World of Challenges, CJ Golden, Eronel Publishing LLC, 2009

Imagine that you are a river, just flowing along. Suddenly, a large boulder is dropped in your path. Do you find a way around the boulder, and keep flowing, or do you, figuratively, panic and stop flowing because there is an obstacle in your way? This book is intended to help young women accept, and deal with, life's obstacles.

Tao ("path") is an ancient Chinese philosophy, not a religion. It implies that all creatures seem to find their own way through life; humans are the only ones who try to control their futures. Invariably, we end up frustrated and unhappy. It is possible to live life much more contentedly once we accept, instead of fighting, life's challenges.

What does this mean to the average young woman? A Tao-Girl is accepting of herself. You may not be the prettiest or smartest girl in school, but learn to make the most of your abilities, and forgive yourself for your weaknesses. Maybe you haven't yet found that thing at which you really good, and enjoy doing. A Tao-Girl is tenacious; not giving up when life gets unpleasant. A Tao-Girl recognizes the good things in life, even in the midst of disappointment. A Tao-Girl is able to make the best of any situation. She is also grateful for her life, family and friends. Last, but not least, everyone knows someone who simply radiates joy, happiness and sunshine; one can almost hear the birds chirping as they walk past. Then there are the people who seem to radiate gloom, doom and thunderstorms. Which person better represents the definition of a Tao-Girl? (The first one.)

In this book are plenty of real world examples of situations faced by every young woman, at one time or another. It's short and really easy to read. Even if you can't do all of the things mentioned here, doing some of them will help greatly. This book does a really good job at making growing up just a little easier.

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