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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Launch Out Into the Deep!

Launch Out Into the Deep!, Acacia Slaton Beumer, 2011 (Kindle e-book)

The journey through daily life is not easy, especially in the 21st Century. This book may make that journey a little easier.

Daily life is supposed to be hard, with trials and challenges everywhere. Jesus never said, "Follow me, and you will have no problems or worries. I will take care of everything." How are you going to deal with grudges, resentment or really unpleasant people? There is nothing wrong with wanting to become rich or famous, until the point is reached where your moral upbringing and "soul" gets tossed in the garbage. Living water, through Jesus, is just as important as drinking water for survival.

Some people think that all that is needed to be a Christian is to obey the Ten Commandments, attend church on Sunday, or give to the poor. It's not that easy. A person has to confess to being a sinner, admit a real need for a savior and believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Having fewer, or "milder," sins than someone else does not make a person more righteous.

In today's society, it is very easy, especially for men, to get involved in sexual promiscuity. First, you need to confess your shortcomings to God and ask for His help to battle the temptation. Then, you need to avoid all types of pornographic images. The more you think about such things, the easier it is to go back to your old behavior. In this age of AIDS, many people still practice unsafe sex, convinced that it won't happen to them.

Life's trails and tribulations are necessary, though they may not seem necessary at the time, because they build character, strength and humility. Like the old saying says, "One day at a time." Don't worry about tomorrow until it arrives. To be a Christian, it is not always necessary to say "Hallelujah" or carry a Bible. Sometimes, the way you carry yourself and act around others will be enough to spread the "message."

This book is full of short essays and poems on various parts of daily life, and it is very much worth the reader's time. It is equally recommended for those who want a closer relationship with God, but don't know the route, and those who may need a spiritual jumpstart.

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