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Monday, February 20, 2012

Rad-Claire The Symphony Mouse

Rad-Claire The Symphony Mouse, Shawnita J. Chevis, Reimann Books, 2012

This children's book is about a music-loving rodent named Rad-Claire. What happens when music is permanently taken away from her?

Rad-Claire is part of a royal family of rodents that live in the walls of a high-class apartment building. One day, a pipe bursts in the building, and Queen Mary, Rad-Claire's mother, is swept away, clutching her flute. Queen mary, Rad-Claire and Prince Blake, her brother, all love music. Despite a diligent search through out the local sewers, no sign of Queen mary is found. In his grief, King Baisly, Rad-Claire's father, bans all music throughout the kingdom.

Rad-Claire loves to listen to listen to music from the building's human occupants. It could be anything from classical to hip-hop; Rad-Claire sometimes joins in on her mouse-sized violin. As brothers are inclined to do, the King finds out from Blake about Rad-Claire's refusal to give up on her musical dream, and she is brought before him.

After being told to give up music, or be confined to the Rodent Palace forever, Rad-Claire runs away from home, and finds herself on the streets of Manhattan. She samples some fine cuisine, and crashes in a luxury hotel. She visits a church to listen to the gospel music. Later that evening, she ends up in a jazz club to hear the blues. After being befriended by an escaped lobster, they go off to find an orchestra.

The next day, they find themselves at Radio City Music Hall during a performance of the New York Symphony Orchestra. Naturally, they are dressed for the occasion. Rad-Claire plays along on her violin, and is noticed by the conductor, who places her on the podium, and gives her a tiny conductor's baton. The audience is captivated. Does Rad-Claire return to the Rodent Palace? Does King Baisly rescind his music ban?

This one is pretty good. It shows that musical talent, and love of music, can be found in the most unlikely places. Children will enjoy it.

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