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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GPS Your Best Life

GPS Your Best Life: Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style, Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski, Bettie Youngs Books, 2012

This book compares the journey through life to going on a trip using your car's GPS system.

When using a GPS, you need to start with entering your present location. The book has a questionnaire to help determine where you are now, emotionally and psychologically. Then you can enter your destination, or your ultimate goal (it can range from losing a few pounds to starting your own business). Your journey will be difficult if your windshield is dirty, or covered with bugs. Make sure your goal is clear and attainable, and regularly evaluate yourself to make sure you are still on course.

How do you get from here to there? Start a vision board to show what your ideal life looks like. Visualize your best life; it will help you focus. Resolve to do five GPS actions every day. It does not matter how small they are; after a week, a month, or a year, you will be that much closer to your destination/goal.

Make sure there is nothing holding you back, like forgetting to release the parking brake. Fear, worries and excuses are like radio stations on your car radio. Just as you can change to another radio station, you can stop listening to the negative internal chatter, and replace it with positive thoughts.

Roadblocks and potholes are a part of life. Are you going to give up on your goal because the road has gotten bumpy, or are you going to find a way around it? Having a backseat driver in your car is never fun. How do you deal with an emotional backseat driver?

When you reach your destination/goal, go right ahead and celebrate. Send yourself an e-card of congratulations, take a picture of the "new" you, take a day off with no cell phone or computer to distract you, look yourself in the mirror and say "Thank you." Now, it is time to start thinking about your next goal.

This is a really good, and really easy to read, piece of writing. It is better than most self-help books in that it explores the journey to an emotional goal in terms that anyone can relate to, using a car's GPS system. It's short, and it's recommended.

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