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Friday, July 19, 2013

E-learning 101

E-learning 101, Liz Hardy, Amazon Digital Services, 2012

You have been away from education for a number of years, perhaps earning a living, or, for whatever readon, physically attending college is not possible. You have heard about this thing called e-learning, but you wonder what it's all about. This ebook gives the answer.

The most important thing to learn is that no one will stand over you making sure your assignments are done. You can do them in your pajamas if you wish, but the obligation to hand them in on time is totally up to you. Before the course starts, make sure you can sign in to the education website. Find the spots where you can get, and hand in, your assignments. Also, find the spot where you can communicate with the teacher.

No time for school? Take a good look at your daily schedule. Maybe you can find only an available half-hour here or hour there, but multiply that by seven days, and you suddenly have more than enough time to study. Feeling less then motivated to study? You'll do the assignment "tomorrow"? This is where you have to discipline yourself to actually do the work, now. If not, then why are you taking the course? Set up a reward, like watching your favorite DVD, for after you finish the assignment.

Set up some kind of early warning system, whether paper or electronic, for major events, like exams or term papers. Deadlines are never fun, but, suddenly realizing that a multiple-page paper is due tomorrow, and you haven't started it, is much worse.

This book does not try to say what course, or what major, you should choose. It looks at the basics of e-learning, and does an excellent job. It is short, and very easy to read, even for those who think that they are "too old" or "too (whatever)" for school. It is well worth the reader's time.

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