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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Unholy Trinity: Origins

The Unholy Trinity: Origins, Daniel Gage, 2013
(Kindle Book Review)

First of a series, this paranormal novel is about a young woman who is suddenly running for her life.

Kathryn has a unique ability to influence people to do whatever she wants. She never knew just what she was, until the day that men dressed in red, showed up at her workplace, a strip club, armed with swords and a crossbow. She is rescued by Jacob, a man who walked out of a hospital earlier that day after being seriously injured the previous day.

Imagine Kathryn's surprise when Jacob tells her that she is half-demon, but not just any half-demon. They travel to Kathryn's father, who lives several hours away by car. An expert wizard, he is in the process of resurrecting his dead wife. He is opposed by Rebecca, his daughter, who also knows a lot about the wizard world. After the resurrection attempt is permanently stopped, Rebecca joins Kathryn and Jacob.

Imagine the reaction when Jacob says that he is a full demon, direct from Hell. Very powerful forces from Hell want Kathryn dead, not just the men in red. In their travels, the trio battles vampires and human-looking werecoyotes. Because of who and what she is, there are only a few ways to make Kathryn less easy to track. Can a demon, a half-demon and a wizard survive against the forces of Hell?

Told from the point of Kathryn, Jacob and Rebecca, this is a really good story. It moves very quickly, and has plenty of action and weird stuff. This deserves at least 4 stars, maybe even 4.25 stars.

(The Kindle Book Review received a free copy of this book in exchange for an independent, honest and fair review. We are not associated with the author or Amazon.)

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