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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hook, Nicolas Tsamis, Amazon Digital Services, 2012

In part one of a series, in India, a Buddhist holy man dies of old age, but not really. His spirit stays around, somewhere between life and death. He is able to inhabit, and speak through, any being that he wishes. Spirit's press conference, via a talking German Shepherd, is a worldwide sensation.

In present-day Greece, Spirit urges Konstantino, through his parrot, Hook, to do a really heartbreaking thing concerning Myrna, his long-time girlfriend (no, he doesn't kill her). He is convinced, through mental images supplied by Spirit, that it really is for the good of mankind. Myrna is not told, intentionally, but Konstantino's emotional anguish is very severe. When "it" happens in Vienna, Konstantino begins to start to understand.

Everything involves the holy man being born to Myrna, and leading mankind to new era of peace and happiness. Rahul, one of his followers is brought in and will be able to tell if the holy man has made it into the soul of Myrna's child.

The CIA gets interested. Many years before, they kidnapped a brilliant scientist, and have kept him isolated ever since. It's for a good reason; his invention would totally revolutionize the world. His only companion has been a parrot, which is how his invention got to "the group" (it's more than just Myrna and Konstantino). They have been quietly amassing huge amounts of money, to bring the invention into reality. Despite their very diligent precautions, the government is closing in. Does everyone survive? Does the holy man make it into the soul of Myrna's child?

This is an intriguing idea that almost makes it to the level of "excellent." There is nothing specifically wrong with this book, just a feeling of "almost, but not quite."


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