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Monday, June 15, 2015

Dress for SEXcess

Dress for SEXcess, The Scissor Man

There seem to be a million books available on how couples can rejuvenate their sexual relationship. Most are written by psychologists, or academics with letters after their name. This is written by an average person.

Ladies, when your husband makes an admiring comment about some part of your anatomy, think of it as a request to occasionally wear something that emphasizes that area. Please don't respond with "Is that all you think about?" (Yes) Your husband is going to look at other women; it's part of his DNA. Instead of considering it as a personal insult, think of it as a way to find out exactly what turns him on sexually. If you don't already know what turns him on, ask him. He will be happy to tell you.

Gentlemen, to encourage your wife to be more amenable to sex on your schedule, you must treat her like a goddess all the time. Every girl wants to be swept off her feet by Prince Charming. Be that Prince Charming. Treat her like she is the most important person in the world. An underlying foundation of mutual trust and respect will improve the sex. It's not necessary to jump right to sex every time. Kissing, hand-holding and making out can be just as meaningful for her. Make absolutely sure that she agrees before you even think about bondage or more forceful sex. If you don't already know what turns your wife on sexually, ask her.

There is no reason to spend lots of money on lingerie or sexy outfits at the local mall. Go to your local thrift store or church tag sale; sometimes you can buy clothes by the pound. Depending on her physical size, consider looking in the children's section. Bring them home, and don't be afraid to use a pair of scissors on them. The book, written from a male perspective, goes into lots of detail on exactly how to modify clothes to emphasize her figure. If your wife is the creative one, and creates a sexy outfit for you to wear, of course you should wear it (even if it looks totally ridiculous). Whether or not it gets her excited, and interested in sex, is all that matters.

This book is written by a man in his 70's, who is still deeply in love with his wife, even after 50 years of marriage. The sex is still great, and frequent; nearly every day (!). Newlyweds have no trouble being interested in sex. Those who are going through marital problems need more help than this book can provide. It is intended for people who have been married for several years, and have a good marriage, but their sex life needs a jump start. As such, it does a wonderful job. Anyone who cannot find just one idea in here to
re-start their sex life is in serious trouble. This is highly recommended.  

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