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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Pig Plantagenet

The Pig Plantagenet, Allen Andrews, Viking Press, 1981

Set in 13th Century France, Plantagenet the Pig is a very kind and considerate animal, but may be lacking in brains. He has a rather easy life in a farmstead carved out of the forest, and is doted on by Adele, the farmer's lovely daughter. His ability to run very fast keeps him in touch with the animals of the forest, and makes him lean enough to keep him off the menu.

Word quickly spreads throughout the forest of a plan by the feudal lords to systematically go through the forest, and herd all the animals toward a specific spot. Killer dogs will be waiting for them, to kill them. The humans are getting tired of losing animals to the forest inhabitants. Contact is made with animal residents of a nearby forest, who agree to take in the animals that are on the move. The big problem is that there is a clear space between forests, where an attack by humans and dogs, against the animals, is expected. Plantagenet is appointed leader of the animal exodus, and takes his job seriously.

The mass migration is underway before the human forest sweep begins. Plantagenet is in the lead, with Grondin the boar and Hurlaud the wolf keeping everyone in line, and watching for the expected attack by the dogs and humans. It happens in the clear space between forests. There are many animal casualties, on both sides. Plantagenet is not unscathed. The animals make it to the other forest, to rest and lick their wounds. Is there any chance of going back to their old forest? Will Plantagenet ever see his old pig sty, and Adele, ever again?

This is a very good story. It's a well done allegory about forest conservation and teens will enjoy it (the battle scene might be too much for younger children). Adults will also like it. 

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  1. Nice way of describing the story. This is such a good post about Pig Plantagenet and its living life. I will like to buy a one. and why not? you are doing a wonderful job!