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Friday, December 30, 2016

The Girls' Book: How To Be The Best at Everything

The Girls' Book: How To Be The Best at Everything, Juliana Foster, Scholastic Inc., 2007

Intended for tweens, this book gives short descriptions (one to two pages each) on how to do a lot of different things.

Some are light-hearted, like how to survive in a horror movie, how to make sense while talking nonsense, how to annoy people in an elevator and how to cope if zombies attack. Other selections are a bit more serious, like how to deal with bullies, how to save the planet, how to persuade your parents to get a pet, how to avoid jet lag and how to survive in the desert.

This is a really interesting and easy to read book, with very simple instructions. It is recommended for all tweens (there is a separate book for boys, and maybe some adults will also try some of these items.

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