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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Empath's Ultimate Guide to Shield Yourself From Negative Energies

Empath's Ultimate Guide to Shield Yourself From Negative Energies, Sandy Quinn, 2017, Amazon Digital Services LLC

Are you afraid to say No to friends and family who ask for your help? Do certain smells or bright lights give you a headache? Do you not watch the TV news because all those negative events totally drain you? Do you intentionally avoid people because of their negative emotions? Congratulations, you are a Highly Sensitive Person, or maybe even an empath.

There is no reason for concern; all it means is that you feel emotions more strongly than the average person. Empaths look for time to be alone to recuperate and de-stress. Empaths can easily read and interpret emotional cues, and they can also easily tell when someone is lying to them. The "sixth sense" of an empath is more tuned in than average, so they can sense potential danger before other people.

An energy vampire does not have fangs or suck blood. They are deceptive, and masters of manipulation. They are also notorious guilt-trippers and are prone to making threats. What can the average empathetic person do to lessen their influence? Don't talk to them. Use mindfulness practice and visualization to improve your positive outlook on life. Get in the habit of smiling; the higher emotional vibration will be felt by low-vibration energy vampires. Practice positive affirmations.

What can an empathic person do, in general. to shield themselves? Learn how to say "No" (it will take practice). Your health and well-being should be your top priority. Take up yoga or other light exercise. Enjoy the outdoors. Buy flowers for yourself. Get eight hours of sleep. Create physical distance or barriers. Consider using protective stones or crystals.

This is a short, and interesting, general look at the "world" of empathy. If you, or someone you know, is more empathic than average, then reading this book will be time well spent.

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