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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be a Dog With a Bone

Be a Dog With a Bone: Always Go For Your Dreams, Peggy McColl, Hay House Inc., 2009

There seem to be a million self-help books available at the local bookstore. This book gets its inspiration from an unlikely source; the family dog.

Have you ever tried to take a bone away from a dog? The harder you pull, the more determined the dog gets. Do you have that sort of determination when it comes to accomplishing your goals in life? Do you ignore those who say that you are being stupid or impractical? Perhaps the naysayers are jealous because they don't have a goal for their lives? Don't be concerned if you haven't yet found "it."

Think of a dog who digs several holes before he finds the bone. Write down your goal in life, and post it prominently. Use only positive words, and write it in present tense, like you are accomplishing your goal right now.

How long is your leash? Do you place restrictions on yourself? Do you reject any thought of leaving your comfort zone? Consider expanding your beliefs, and you may find that your leash has started to get longer.

How is your attitude? Add optimism and positive feelings together with keeping your focus on your goal, and most negative emotions will shrink or disappear. Negative emotions can start with something small, like the weather or commuter traffic, and grow and grow unless you stop it, and change your thinking.

Everyone does things that waste time and don't accomplish anything, like a dog chasing its tail. Perhaps they serves a purpose in the past, but if they don't help in meeting today's goal, it's time to put on the brakes and change your ways.

Consider the famous saying "What goes around, comes around." If you are nice to everyone you meet, even if they may not deserve it, you will get those positive feelings returned to you. Dogs are very good at unconditional love; they don't hold grudges, like people do. They are also very good at showing appreciation. Even if you have only been gone a short time, the dog is jubilant at your return. Think about expressing appreciation to others, whether it's for something they have done, or simply being who they are.

This book can be read in an hour or so, but it will give the reader plenty to think about. It shows that wisdom can be found in all sorts of places. 

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