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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Fun of Dying

The Fun of Dying: Find Out What Really Happens Next, Roberta Grimes, Greater Reality Publications, 2010

It's practically human nature to want to know, ahead of time, what happens when we die. Does Heaven really exist? This book attempts to answer that question.

This book is based on nearly a century of near-death experiences, not on the teachings of any particular religion. There are enough similarities in the experiences to build up a generally consistent idea of what happens after death. In recent years, those for whom death is imminent are usually so sedated that they can't see or hear anything (not necessarily a good idea).

In the hours before death, the patient becomes lucid, and is able to converse with loved ones. They are also visited by the spirits of departed loved ones. Sometimes, the patient can verbally communicate with them, leading the living loved ones to think "hallucinating," and sometimes the communication is telepathic. After death, finds themselves standing next to their body; the bond with the body slowly fades away. The departed loved ones are there to guide the patient on their way; the actual departing has to occur pretty quickly, because there is a real danger of the patient getting stuck there with their body.

Some people walk through a tunnel, others cross a bridge, while still others just find themselves in a new reality. The "reception center", for lack of a better term, is a giant garden full of sentient plants that never lose their leaves. Some people wear clothes from when they were alive, but most people wear the famous long white robes. There is a review of each person's life. It could be an informal review, with one Spirit Guide, taking place in your childhood home. It could also be a more formal affair, in front of people sitting at a long table. This isn't Judgement, where if you don't "make the cut" you are going to Hell, but every instance where you tormented someone, or treated them badly, is going to be mentioned. It's not easy to forgive yourself for such actions; some people just can't do it. Those are the ones who end up on the lowest level of Heaven, a dark, scary sort of place (think "wailing and gnashing of teeth").

For everyone else, after the review, comes a party or reception; perhaps a Welcome To Heaven party. For shy introverts, it's a get together with a few close friends. For veteran partiers, it's like the Ultimate Party. Then is the time to decide what you want to do with eternity. Would you rather sit and read every book ever written, or would you rather help other new arrivals? The choice is totally up to you.

This book is fascinating and very thought-provoking. It contains a long list of books to read, for those who want to go further. It is very much worth reading. 

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