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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sudden Unexplained Death

Sudden Unexplained Death, Ryan Clover, 2012, Kindle e-book

This novelette is about a woman who ends up on a coroner's table with no discernible cause of death.

Jessica Firth is the local Toronto detective investigating the sudden demise of Cleister Vanier (the woman on the table). She learns that Ms. Vanier was on a trip to Eritrea, accompanied by Marilyn French. Ms. Vanier had donated a large amount of money to a local orphanage, and wanted to see for yourself where the money was going. She was concerned that the money was going "elsewhere."

While in Eritrea, Ms. Vanier went out to dinner with the director of the orphanage, which is where she suddenly died. Ms. French brought her body back home. A little background research by the police on those on the suspect list, including Ms. French, show some interesting things. Was the culprit some strange, undetectable African poison from the days of "deepest, darkest Africa?" On the other hand, was the culprit, and motive, much more down to earth?

This is a really good story. It's short, so it can be read in just a few minutes. Few present-day murder mysteries involve the country of Eritrea, which, automatically, makes this worth reading. Yes, it's worth the reader's time.

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