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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Last Autumn

The Last Autumn, Opheila Juliet, Lepak Monkey Publishing, 2016

Richard Robertson is a young piano prodigy who totally avoids playing the piano; he claims that he can no longer hear the music. His parents died in an auto accident a few years previously; he still lives in the family mansion with Nana Rosy, the maid and cook, and Jackson, the chauffeur (not "chauffer").

Lizzie is the daughter of Richard's piano teacher; the two form a life-long friendship. When they reach high school, Richard's feelings toward Lizzie become more than platonic. He is afraid to tell her out of fear that it will damage or destroy their friendship. It breaks his heart to watch Lizzie become the girlfriend of someone else. He also envies those who have no problem playing the instrument they love.

Life deals Lizzie a major setback. Does Richard get up the courage to tell Lizzie how he feels about her? Does Richard ever return to the keyboard?

This is a really good teen romance. It's clean and wholesome, it's got teens and lots of emotion, and it's got classical music. This would make a really good movie.

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