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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Plan B: Separate Yourself From the Herd

Plan B: Separate Yourself From the Herd, Gene King, Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2012

It is getting increasingly hard to get a good job that is above entry level. Many people are applying for the same job, with equal, or superior qualifications (on paper). What can a person do to stand out, to separate themselves from the herd?

The answer is: a video resume. Don't just sit at a table, and read your paper resume to your smartphone camera. Put some thought and style (and some money) into it. If possible, get previous employers on camera, talking about how much money you (the job seeker) saved them while you worked there. The job seeker should appear on camera very little, or not at all, during this mini-documentary. For those who are new to the job market, forget about a video resume. A potential employer is more interested in what you have done than in what you think you think you can do.

Which is more effective: putting your video resume on YouTube, or on a DVD, and blanketing every company within 50 miles, or concentrating on just a couple of companies whose needs mesh with your abilities? It's called "research." A website dedicated to your job search can be very effective. If you go the "couple of companies" route, don't spread your website all over social media. You want only those couple of companies to see it.

If possible, target the hiring manager or CEO, bypassing HR (no insult is intended to the HR department). The book also talks about how to approach the job interview, and evaluating the job offer.

This is an excellent job search guide. It is very easy to read and understand for job search novices and veterans. Everyone should be able to find at least one good job search tip here.

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