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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Star Mate -- Cosmopolis: City of the Universe

Star Mate -- Cosmopolis: City of the Universe, A.T. Nager, Clocktower Books, 2016

This far-future science fiction novel is about Jared, a brilliant and handsome starfleet officer. He is not off fighting the growing rebellion at the edge of the empire because his career has been hijacked. Princess Lyxa, the last princess of a failing dynasty, is keeping Jared nearby as her "boy toy." She has long since moved on to other such male companions, but she refuses to give Jared his freedom.

The war comes to Mercury Free Port City, capital of the empire, forcing everyone to flee. Jared and Lyxa flee to a planet orbiting Arcturus. Along with them is Stella, Jared's most loyal companion. She is a djia, or diaphanous (see-through) being. She was made from Lyxa's nervous system, so she is a sort-of copy of Lyxa.

Jared finds himself in a very laid-back beach town. It's the sort of place where a person can spend the day on the beach, or sit in a local bar sipping the sort of drink that has a little umbrella sticking out of it. Jared falls for, and marries, a local woman named Mala. Life is good.

The war comes to Arcturus. Lyxa's plots and agents force Mala and Jared to split up. Mala heads for the other side of the planet to hide. Jared heads for Lethe, a sparsely populated farming planet that he visited several years previously. Do Mala and Jared get back together, and live happily ever after?

This book is pretty good. Personally, the society building is a little better than the actual story. Yes, it's worth reading.

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