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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Witches of Yerosia

Witches of Yerosia, Celeste Walker, Amazon Digital Services, Inc., 2012

This Kindle edition fantasy short story is about Allison, your average teenager, but not really. Allison is also a real, live witch.

The high school gymnasium is decorated to look like the land of Yerosia, part of a famous fantasy story that is part of the school curriculum. During a school dance, Kyle, Allison's high school crush, takes her away and shows her that the imaginary land of Yerosia really exists. He has an important position there, and he has a curse hanging over him. There is a blue sapphire of great power that Kathaleya, the bad guy, wants very much. Kyle gives Allison an ancient book to take home.

Allison's mother, who knows more about witches and Yerosia (and the location of the blue sapphire) than she has ever told her daughter, gets very upset at her possession of the book. Looking through the book, Allison finds a place where the words turn into English right before her eyes. She makes the mistake of reading that part out loud. A few minutes later, Kyle/Kathaleya is in her bedroom demanding the blue sapphire. Kyle's curse has been partially activated. What does Allison do?

This story is very short; it can be read in just a few minutes. It is also pretty good. It's recommended for anyone who is new to witch stories, or anyone who wants a witch story set in the present day.

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