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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Women Own All the Vaginas

Women Own All the Vaginas, Richard Nocera, Dick N Jane Publishing, 2010

Why do men do what they do? That's the question this book attempts to answer.

Men are genetically programmed to want to have intimate relations with as many women as possible; it's to propagate the species. They think about it every day. Even a woman he passes on the street will bring about a momentary "What about her?" His ultimate goal is to receive a long-term all access pass to a woman's crotch. Every man starts off as Vagina Man.

Competitive Man compares himself to other men on a constant basis. Distorted Man fiddles with people's perceptions of him by finessing the truth. Dishonest Man thinks that lying will change reality. Scared Man wants to run away as fast as he can.

After he is married, he has no idea what he is getting himself into (Married Man). He didn't know that his life was pre-programmed (Socially Engineered Man). Crisis Man creates a crisis, so it will change his life for him.

The time will come when he has to take a hard look at his actions; it won't be pretty. That's when Courageous Man dares to feel his raw emotions. Honest Man commits to a mantra of No Lying. Wounded Man is deeply affected by his past.

When he comes out the other end, Healing Man starts to heal his emotional wounds. Conflicted Man realizes that he has two aspects to his nature. Whole Man integrates his truth into how he lives his life.

The author is not a psychologist, or an academic with letters after his name. He is a hairdresser, who has spent many years in therapy experiencing the 29 interwoven characteristics of a man's life explored in this book. It is recommended for men, for obvious reasons. It is also recommended for women. It will help to explain why men feel that they must watch porn, or must visit a strip club.

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